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Grivet-Tools believes in making Mac Administration simple, flexible, and location independent.

We host and customize open source software to make this a reality.

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In our Blog we provide many How To articles, reviews of current technology and events, and tutorials on how to use a variety of products related to Mac Administration.

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The Grivet-Tools Podcast covers topics relevant to Mac Admins.


By Mac Admins, For Mac Admins

  • 2000-2010

    The Dark Ages

    We, like everyone, had been building "thick" images for our systems. We spent spent most of our time updating machines, fixing dependencies, and putting out fires. We knew there had to be a better way.

  • 2011-2012

    The Search

    We found vendors and used their solutions and tools. Things were so much better than working with a thick image, but there were still problems. These tools were built by people that didn't deal with the issues every day, accrued large costs, and found ourselves at the mercy of a "black box" system that hampered our efforts.

  • 2013

    Open-source Awesomeness

    Then, a better way was found! The Mac Admin community had risen to the challenge itself and was creating amazing solutions to the problems we were facing. Now that we had discovered their offerings, we began leveraging them to great effect. But, as with most open source software, there was a steep learning curve and we saw others struggling to follow us up that mountain.

  • 2014

    Be the Change

    So we created Grivet-Tools. A company that embraces, contributes, and leverages open source tools and the Mac Admin community. We shoulder the technical challenges of open source software, system configuration, and the hosting of repository and reporting systems so you can take your fleet of Macs to new heights.

  • And

    Here and Now

    Become a part of the Grivet-Tools community. Let us help you take your Mac fleet to new heights.

The Grivet-Tools Team

Come hang out. We are a friendly bunch.

Adam McKenzie

Founder / COO

Ryan Lininger

Founder / CEO / R&D

Joe Wollard

Lead Developer

We are personable, focused, innovative, technical, and love the work we do!