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After managing 3,000 plus OS X devices, we knew exactly what we wanted.


The Dashboard shows everything that a Mac Administrator needs to be aware of. Many of the big software management systems lack an intuitive dashboard that provides information relevant to you. Clicking Dashboard items will get you more details about that item. Most Mac Admins find themselves putting out fires rather than being able to proactively manage their enterprise. What if you could be notified of an issue before the client puts in a help call? Active Alerts will notify you when hard drives are full or failing, computers are missing in action, machines are overheating, and much more. See how your users’ connect to your network, wireless, wired, or both in the Active Network Type section. At a glance, see how many users are checking in to the network on Last Check-in. See how many Perspective Licenses are being used. Need to know how many of each hardware model you have? How about a breakdown of RAM across your enterprise? Find out who still hasn’t updated to Yosemite, and a lot more, in our charts section on the dashboard! Just click on the charts to get a list view of systems.


The Reports section breaks data down into easy to read reports and lists. When you click on an Active Alert badge in the Dashboard, it will take you to a report. For example, you can sort systems that are using the most HD space from greatest to least. See operating system versions, hardware model types, and how much RAM your machines have. You can even export the data in csv format. We want you to be able to break down your fleet into digestible, sorted lists.


It’s crucial to be able to quickly find a client machine during a help call. Having to ask a client for information about their computer can be frustrating and confusing for both parties. Our comprehensive search box will dramatically improve response times to support calls. Type anything you know about a computer into the search field and Perspective will find relevant machines. That includes hostname, serial number, last user, OS version, IP address. This makes finding a client’s computer second nature. Remotely access the machine from the lists view, or click on the the machine to reveal System Details.

System Details

Know everything about a machine before you work on it. Our System Details view leaves no question to the imagination. Having all necessary information at your fingertips is crucial to solving problems quickly and efficiently. Hardware -See CPU temp, CPU load, Warranty Status, SMART status, and more in the Hardware tab. Software- Got a new software request? Verify that the software isn’t already installed on the machine in our software listing page. This displays all software and versions that are currently on the client’s machine. Network -Find a Mac address, IP Mask, SSID, and Gateway information. Environment- See things like what printers are installed, OS version, Perspective client version, and uptime. Groups- See what groups the machine is a part of. We’ll talk more about groups later.

Software Listings

Being able to keep a pulse on what software and version is installed in your enterprise is crucial to keeping things running smoothly. You can see the Install Count of an application and the Version installed. This a great reference when deploying new software to your machines. Software Listing helps you to quickly verify installs of Adobe Flash Player, Java, Firefox and other frequently updated Applications. Notice that even the Install Path is shown. Software listing can also help you track down specialized software and gives you a list of what machines it’s installed on. This can be extremely helpful when trying to manage licensing of paid-for products.

Remote Sessions

Perspective utilizes Apple’s built-in Screen Sharing tool Don’t waste time launching Apple Remote Desktop to begin a remote session. Perspective gives you quick shortcuts to begin a remote screen sharing session or SSH session with your client. This, in combination with our Quick System Search, will have you remotely working on a client machine in seconds. Screen sharing buttons can be found in system lists or within the system details page. The IP address is automatically autofilled into the Screen sharing boxes. Simply hit connect, authenticate, and you are moving at lightning speed!


Groups gives the ability to share, organize, and delegate. Groups can be created by a Perspective user with administrator privileges. Computers can easily be assigned to specific Groups. Groups can be based on buildings, departments or however you choose divide up your fleet. They can then be viewed in their separate groups or all together. The groups feature allows the Perspective Admin to choose permissions for various roles within your department. Techs can be assigned to one department or building but may not be able to access others.

*Note this feature currently only works when inside the user’s network or VPN.

Groups & Consultants

Are you a consultant? Then you’ll really love the ability to manage all of your businesses in one application! Perspective puts you at the center. By switching the groups view you can see all of your business individually or combined. Just think of getting a Dashboard view of all your clients together!

Inviting Users

It’s easy to securely share the Perspective love with our group management section. Click on the tab of the group you wish to invite someone to. Invite users by simply sending them an email invite with the pre-set permissions. This makes it easy to grant consultants and vendors temporary access to your enterprise. Once the invitee clicks on the link in their email, those machines will automatically appear in their Perspective account. Perspective has the potential to become a common medium for organizations to provide access to vendors and consultants. This allows the Perspective administrator to become the gatekeeper for their organization.


How easy is it to install Perspective? You already have access. Thats right, you can sign in right now to with a Gmail or GitHub account. You won’t find any computers in there yet, but the interface is all there. Once you purchase licenses, you will be provided with a custom built installer. You can install it on as many machines as you’d like, but machines that exceed the licensed number will not check in. You can use Apple Remote Desktop or any MDM to roll the Perspective client to your enterprise. Once the client is installed, the machine will automatically begin to check in! By brunch you can get a complete breakdown of your enterprise, see active alerts, and start creating groups and inviting other users.


We think the most important feature of Perspective is the Feedback button. It’s so important we put it on every page. We tried to make it as easy as possible for you to let us know ideas or changes you would like in Perspective. Maybe we are missing a feature that would make your life easier. Tell us! We will do our best to see that your feedback and ideas be included in Future Perspective updates. Just click on the blue button, leave us a message, and click “Bring home the bacon”!  We also have our own ideas that we are excited about. We are hard at work in developing them for future versions. This just the beginning for Perspective.

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